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Thora Dolven Balke

year 2012
pages 212
edition 1st
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A self-published book of Polaroid photographs taken between 2005 and 2012.This archive of Polaroid formed the backbone of my body of works throughout those years, and were part of installations, series and various presentations. Included in the book is a transcribed conversation between myself and Tacita Dean, moderated by Gaby Hartel and a text written by Sam Thorne. The conversation directly addresses a starting point for this series of images; the moment when I first started using the Polaroid camera was also the moment someone close to me became ill and passed away. This presence in a state of emergency followed my photography ever since, without becoming a dominating narrative. Perhaps even more than other photographic formats, Polaroid has a strong relationship to time in the sense that the image as an object is present in the moment it was taken. The Polaroid camera cannot get very close to the subject, creating a feeling of being one step removed from the events in front of the lens. The dynamic between this mechanical boundary and the intimacy of the images is an important aspect of the series. “2005.” is designed by Zhang Quingyun and Mark Pernice.