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ArtBo 2017


Proyectos sector / Stand B14

Alvaro Seixas

October 26 — October 29, 2017

Alvaro Seixas (Rio de Janeiro, 1982) presents a new series of paintings based on his provocative and sarcastic drawings for the Proyectos Section at ArtBo 2017. On them, the cynicism and competitiveness of the artworld merges with the anguish of the digital age in often harsh figures and texts. Through a dialogue between the cartoon/comics genre and certain clichés from abstractionist painting, the artist releases his romantic, sadistic and pathetic impulses on canvas.

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Cavalo_ArtBo 2017 _stand B14 Untitled Painting (Art is Not a Good Vibe), 2017 Untitled Painting (Dear Artists Curate Yourself), 2017 _MG_1661_2 _MG_1660_2 _MG_1653_2 _MG_1648_2 _MG_1646_2 _MG_1644_2 Untitled Painting (Alvaro Seixas Is Ready to Fuck America From Behind), 2017 _MG_1630_2 _MG_1681_2 _MG_1602_3 _MG_1631_2 Untitled Painting (Sell Your Inner Devils), 2017 Untitled Painting (Can’t Buy Paintings This Month), 2017 _MG_1639_2 _MG_1642_2 _MG_1613_2